The little puppy was found in the box of sweets in the supermarket

The story is about a puppy which was lost and found in the supermarket.The puppy lived in a family where everybody was busy but liked him very much. It’s name was Danny. He was a very cute and active dog. Once he was upset because the family was busy and didn’t pay him attention. He went out and ran away. He went to the nearest sweet factory and entered there secretly. There were a lot of workers in the factory and nobody noticed him there.

The workers were packing the boxes of sweets and put them in order to send to the supermarkets. The puppy went and hid in one of the boxes and no one saw him. Sending the boxes to different markets he was found there after opening the package. It was very surprising for the workers of the supermarket when they found him in it. They hugged the puppies , Liked him and fed with food from the supermarket.

Next day watching the advertisment through the internet the dog was sent to his owners.

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