The poor woman left alone with his dog

This sad story is about a woman who lost his husband five years ago. He had a serious illness and his woman was taking care of him.

They had children but they had families and lived in other cities. They hardly ever visit their parents to see them and listen to their problems. They became very sad seeing that their children were very cold and didn’t even want to know if they had problems or not. After the man’s death the woman left alone and passed her days even without eating. She had lost the interest towards the life and didn’t go out, talk with people and so on.

Once she went to the shop and saw a wet and hungry dog near the shop . she bought something for him and liked him so much that took him home with her immediately.

The woman was very happy and bright when started to live with the dog. she felt very well to talk to the dog better than people.

They spent good time together , went for a walk in the parks and returned home with a high mood.

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