The shifty dog could save a new born baby from the earth

This story is about a dog which deserves a prize. The dog lived with his family for five years and had always been very faithful to them. The family gave a special attention to him. He had a special small house for sleeping and ate proper food.

Once he was punished by his owners for making a big mess in the house and sent out for an hour. He was very sad because his owners had never been angry with him. He was moving around the house and suddenly sounds of cry were heard coming from a deep place.

He moved with straight direction and found something strange moving in the earth. He began to dig with his paws and found a cute baby there. Hearing his loud barks the family went out and saw that fascinating incident near their house.They took the baby home and were so sorry for punishing the poor child. But on the other hand they were happy because if they didn’t punish the dog he would never find the baby.

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