The woman got surprised seeing the robber mouse

This is a very amusing and a funny story about a robber mouse which made the woman angry.The woman had a dog and a cat which were very cute and never disturbed her at home. she fed them in time, took them for a walk and let them play in the garden. Every day she prepared different delicious food for her and for pets too. She spent the rest of her time making in the kitchen and she enjoyed cooking.

woman indoors in her kitchen at home with pets cat and dog
Photo taken of woman with her pets in real home candid

Once she noticed that something wrong was happening in the kitchen at nights. In the morning when she got up the kitchen was partially dirty and some food was spoilt and the nuts were missing. At first she thought that the pets did and punished them a little for making some problems for her.

One day she tried to leave awake and check what was happening and give a solution to her thoughts. She got out of the bed approached the kitchen with quiet steps and saw what was happening inside. To her surprise it was a mouse catching the food on the table. she cried very loudly and tried to kill it angrily but the mouse escaped rapidly.

The woman was very sorry for punishing her honest pets and made something good for them to alleviate their upsetness.

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