Two white puppies found a six-month baby outside

The story is about two puppies which live in a same house. They are brother puppies and live with the family who likes them with a great love.

They are very cute dog that everybody likes them, even if they go out the strangers didn’t pass round them without patting and paying attention to them. Once they were outside and suddenly heard noises coming from the nearest post-box located near the house. They went and got to the point sniffing the ground. They found a baby in a small box crying loudly.

The puppies began to lick the baby till he would stop crying. The dogs carried the box to the house and made the family known about the baby. When they saw the baby they got upset by the fact that the baby was left alone in the box hungry and upset.

They took care of the baby but later they inform the police about it and told them that they wanted to adopt the baby as their child. The dogs and the family were awarded by the authorities for their kindness and help that they did for the left alone baby.

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